InfoSec & Compliance

BIG TINY BRAND, provides security and compliance solutions for startups and existing businesses in the web3 space. Keeping your web presence safe from threats and meeting GDPR compliance is complicated in the ever-changing digital landscape. At the Big Tiny Brand, we offer a range of services to meet these needs including website security headers, which enhance the protection of your website, security workshops to educate and train your team, and GDPR consultation to ensure your business is compliant with the latest data protection regulations. BTB is dedicated to helping businesses create and implement operating procedures to comply with GDPR regulations as well as protecting assets and data from threats. Trust our certified staff to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your digital assets are safe and secure.
DISCORDOur Discord community is one of the best places to connect with like-minded individuals in the field of Information Security and Compliance. Our server is dedicated to supporting the growth and advancement of the web3 world, providing a platform for discussion and sharing of knowledge in the areas of infosec and compliance in a very organized manner. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, you’ll find a supportive and inclusive community here. So why wait? Join us today and become a part of the conversation shaping the future of the web3 world.
LIBRARYe-Library is a comprehensive digital resource for information security and compliance professionals. This library provides access to a wealth of knowledge, including best practices, policies, standards, guidelines, and training materials. With a focus on the latest industry developments and emerging trends, the e-library is designed to help organizations stay up-to-date and compliant with regulations and standards such as PCI DSS, TISAX, SOC2, ISAE 4302, ISO27001, GDPR, and CCPA.

NFT MARKETPLACEBTB will create a marketplace where users can buy unique digital assets. With an emphasis on infosec, this marketplace will provide top-notch security features, making it the go-to destination for NFT enthusiasts and collectors who value the privacy and protection of their digital assets. You will be able to browse through a vast collection of one-of-a-kind NFTs, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your information is in safe hands.
Investors NFT collection that provides Access to VIP content
Coming soon!
SERVICESAt the Big Tiny Brand, we understand the importance of a secure and compliant web3 environment. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools and resources they need to achieve and maintain a secure and trusted online presence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you safeguard your web3 assets and maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations.
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Meet the BTB Team


FABIAN BRANDFamily dad, and a law obedient citizen
Crypto Investor and financial analyst
25 years in InfoSec and compliance
Ethical (white hat) hacker
Certified DPO and GDPR counselor
Chief Information Security Officer

SCOTT ARMONSerial entrepreneur in web3
With 20 years of XP building businesses in web2 Scott is a financially savvy individual.
Passionate about blockchain technology
NFTs COLLECTOR extraordinaire
BATTLEPROOF traversing World of Crypto

Saffron aka SaffA woman of many talents. And few words.
AI-powered NFT artist pioneering the fusion of technology and creativity, pushing the boundaries of traditional art with cutting-edge algorithms and digital innovation.

ELENA B.As Creative Director, she’s assionate about continuously creating something new across various domains, including webpage design, graphic design, 3D objects, and video editing. Her enthusiasm for art and design has been truly ignited by the world of Web3.

UWE SCHNELLExperienced Discord Manager
Excellent communication skills and a strong understanding of community management best practices.
Moderating conversations, organizing events, or providing support.

Development TeamA dynamic and skilled dev team focused on web3 security and compliance. We specialize in protecting digital assets and ensuring adherence to industry standards, empowering businesses to embrace the potential of web3 with confidence.